Jamaica’s Ouch Crew (d. 1990s). Image Credit: Akeem Smith and Red Bull Arts

In the nineteen-nineties, the African diaspora opened their arms to an emerging sound transforming Caribbean based music into an unapologetic chant of sexually charged lyrics, filled with brash personas utilizing bombastic rhythms that can only be likened to African tribalism. Dancehall, started in nineteen-eighties but only gained popularity towards the…

All Power to the People. Hank Willis Thomas, artist. 2020

In the month of February, the world was set ablaze when Tessica Brown, a Louisiana native, procured Gorilla Spray Adhesive and proceeded to stylize her straight textured hair. However, the problem wasn’t that her hair was straight, but hair, at worse steamed texturized hair, isn’t meant for chemicals made for…

Credit: The Advocate, 1992.

In 1991, Lisa Michaelis, an largely unknown singer, appeared on television sets and exhumed freeness, casually dancing in a white bowed top, with slight cleavage exposed, to melodic hymns of house music. One minute and ten seconds into the mostly black-and-white music video, Michaelis’ soothingly proclaims: “I need someone to…

June 14, 2020. Brooklyn Liberation: An Action for Black Trans Lives. Photographer Demetrius Freeman

“Black trans lives matter! My sister’s life mattered! If one goes down, we all go down — and I’m not going nowhere.” Melania Brown, sister of Layleen Polanco, a transgender who was found in dead in Riker’s Island.

When I was younger, presumably around ten or eleven, the idealization of…

I wanted to showcase the islands for my assignment. The place of paradise, the barrier of fruits and parents from Trinidad and Tobago, the islands holds a special place for me (even though haven’t been in over a decade). Respectively, in 2019, these countries totaled a population of 21.5 million. While this may not hold a candlelight to dominant powers, its a foretelling sign of the economics of so-called third-world countries.


Journalism & Design at The New School.

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